Vibrational encoding reality

So i think we need to either redefine the vibrational aspects of what is human or stop using human as a fully separate concept cuz it seems to me there is a broder aspect of what it means to be human. I am a vibrational being which as a human i got lost into the […]

Spiritual sacred culture

In my existance  I reached a point in which I noticed the need  of a sacred culture towards  love  and the respect to love and  any life form. What is a culture? – excerpt from ” There are millions of different cultures in the world. In every different place and in every new time […]

Musical healing and emotional alchemy

For the Dancing and the Dreaming – How to Train your Dragon 2 I love how this song start in a sad note but then tranforms itself into a happier joyful stream of sounds. For me this song and songs alike are healing songs which for some reason based on past experiences make me […]

The rise of true intelligence

I used to think that mental intelligence is in conflict with emotional intelligence. Is it possible for us to really increase our intelligence as humans? Let’s think about it. And most importantly, let’s feel what we are thinking about. So, I thought about it and I felt what I thought about and this led me […]