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The story of sadness and hope

Once upon a time there was a delicate woman, small in stature, who made her way through the dust of a forgotten path. Although she was well past her early youth, her step was lively and her smile had the radiance of a righteous girl.

At one point, without expecting it, she saw a lumpy creature lying on the ground. Surprised, but also brave, the little woman stopped and, bending down, asked the frail body: – Who are you?

Two hazy and tired eyes slowly opened.

–Me? I am Sadness , the whistle of a trembling and shaky voice could hardly be heard.

– Ohh, Sadness !, the wandering woman reacted happily, as if she had met an old acquaintance.

Disbelieving, the creature lying on the ground asked in amazement: –

Do you know me?

– Of course!, continued the delicate woman. From time to time you accompanied me for a while during my journey.

– And then why aren’t you scared?, Sadness wondered.

– Aren’t you afraid of me?

– Why should you scare me, my dear? Even if I tried to run away from you, you would still catch up with me, right?! But, I wanted to ask you something else: why do you look so upset?, the little woman reacted.

– I, I am suffering , replied the dirty creature with a trembling voice.

Old woman sits next to the suffering one.

– You suffer, therefore, she said, showing a look full of compassion. Come on, tell me

what’s bothering you so much.

After a long sigh, Sadness wondered if anyone would listen to her this time? Because, countless times she had felt this need, but no one was willing to pay him any attention. Thus, slightly saved and full of pleasant amazement, she began to pour out her bitterness: – You know, what hurts me the most is the fact that no one likes me, no one appreciates me.

But, my purpose is precisely to join people, for a shorter or longer period. However, every time they feel me around, they shake and try to get away from me. They are afraid of me and treat me with hostility.

Sadness sighed again and continued her story: –

People have invented all kinds of epithets and lines that continually offend me. In my presence they mimic bitter smiles, feel pain in their stomachs and remain panicked, unable to breathe. Even their heart beats like a volcano before it erupts. Then they are overwhelmed by the torrent of tears that don’t stop. Sometimes, some try to forget about me by turning to alcohol or drugs.

– Yes, you are right, confirmed the frail old woman , and I have often met such people.

Hearing this, Sadness fell deeper into her pain, stating that, in fact:

 – I only want to help people. When I am around them, they find themselves. I try to support them by dressing their wounds. A sad man is particularly sensitive and needs to regain his strength. On a precarious ground, on an unhealed pain, suffering easily finds its bed and resettles, amplifying the bitterness of man. Thus, only those who feel me and who give free rein to unshed tears, can truly heal these wounds. Despite this therapy, people avoid me, they don’t want to admit that I am with them, and they sink into their pain. They preferred to display a false mask, forcing themselves to show an unnatural smile.

Or, they put on the armour of silence and coldness.

Concluding her words, Sadness began to shed a few tears, flowing at first.

Then, in silence, her tears invaded her cheeks, so that in the end she cried loudly, full of despair.

The frail little old woman grabbed the hands and hugged the grieving one tightly. Feeling, in a surprising way, the velvety and soft skin of Sadness, she supported her by whispering delicately: – Cry, my dear, release your sad tears! Thus you will be able to free yourself and gain new powers. From now on, you will no longer roam the world alone. I will be with you, so that you will not be overwhelmed by the lack of courage.

Little by little, the Sadness stopped her tears, she blushed, her eyes started to sparkle and, at the same time, she asked her consort very curiously: – But you? 

Who are you really?

– Me?, the delicate old  woman reacts with a  smile, I am Hope.

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